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think we should rob themmm

woo. i have found the one good thing about being sick. whenever i am, i wake up every half hour. like..EXACTLY. 12:00, 12:30, 1:00. it's freaky. but it's good. why? 'cuz i woke up at 1:00 exactly last night. so i got to record last call with carson daly. with good charlotte performing. woo hoo! lmfao. i had to watch it on mute tho, since my mom was sleeping. but i'ma watch it again in a minute. CARSON DALY IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. and he says 'right' too much. you know the closed caption things? i was reading it, and every other line was 'Carson>>RIGHT' that's all he fucking says. it's annoying. that's my random vent for the day. but yes. i want to be benji when i grow up. and billy needs ritalin.

ever notice how on TRL, when they would play the GC video, they only say 'benji and joel'? it's like 'here's lifestyles of the rich and famous, by benji and joel'. um. told you, carson must die. rofl i swear, i only watch that show so i can bitch about it later. 'cuz it's so stupid. ew. and there playing simple plan now. fuckers. i need sleep. lack of sleep + tons of medicine = vicki really stupid.

why the hell does conan end at 1:06? not fucking 1:00, not 1:05 at least, but 1:06. that annoys me.
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