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[21 Feb 2003|11:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

What what. I got a new journal, 'cause I hate this username, psh. Even though I never updated this one. And I don't know if I'll even update the other one. But yeah, it's wax_butterfly. Ew, so add me and stuff. And it's friends only, oops. pssst, go to my blurty, cause I update that way too much. <3

um, i love this song.Collapse )

Later kids.
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muaha. [03 Jan 2003|11:44am]
[ mood | creative ]

oh. I'm late. But. My new years resolution:
- stop walking into stuff.

So. Yeah. You've all heard 'Waldorf Worldwide' by Good Charlotte, right?. Of course you have. Well, yeah. This is MY version, mmk. And it rocks. Because, walmart rocks, the end.

Walmart, Target, Worldwide...WHAT!

everything's gonna be on sale now,
everything's gonna be on sale,
wake up, and shop all night now,
let's buy this one more time,
everything will be on sale, on sale

bring in.. the verse

listen up, 'cause there ain't nothing funny
i want a lot of things for a little bit of money
i want home decorations for the place i live
'cause i'm tired of staring at these old curtains
i wanna go to walmart where they sell cheap guns
i want to play with the toys, i wanna have a little fun
with moms and kids and every other type
we'll push shopping carts, and we'll push them all night

everything's gonna be on sale now,
everything's gonna be on sale,
get up, and shop all night now,
let's buy this one more time,
everything will be on sale
everything will be on sale, on sale

all i wanna do is roll back prices,
all i wanna do is steal what's his
all i wanna do is roll back prices,
all i wanna do is steal what's his
and i don't want to buy the entire store,
i just want to become a walmart whore
i'm tired of the man always cutting me in line
and going in my cart and stealing what's mine
and i'm tired of these old looking plates
so i go to walmart and it all turns out great
and i'm so glad that walmart exists
i can get everything on my christmas list
all i wanna do is roll back prices,
all i wanna do is steal what's his
all i wanna do is make something of it
cause at walmart baby, you get something for nothing

everything's gonna be on sale now,
everything's gonna be on sale,
get up, and shop all night now,
let's buy this one more time,
everything will be on sale
everything will be on sale, on sale

you don't need to be a millionare
to shop at walmart, 'cause they don't care, oh yeah
and we'll 'cop what we bought

everthing's gonna be on sale now
everybody buy 'cause it's half price
everything's gona be on sale now
every buy it one more time
everything will be on sale, on sale, on sale

we'll see you at the checkout
we'll see you at the checkout
buying videos, buying radios
buying magazines, buying tvs

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busta without the rhymes [26 Dec 2002|05:29pm]
um. i never update this lmao. i only keep it to read all of ya'll entries. woo. i hope you had a good christmas. %()#@ !!! I GOT MY GUITAR. I named it benj, and I already molested it 85372 times. Now, I just need to learn how the fuck to play it, and i'll be happy. oh, and i got a snow cone, popcorn and cottan candy maker. mm. i'm never leaving my room. and other shit, but i don't feel like typing, 'cause i have a headache. damn snowballs.

um, hi, this song is better than youCollapse )
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iddoanythinggg [10 Dec 2002|12:58pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Um. I haven't updated this in forever and a half. Ok, so actually I forgot about it. 'Cause I like my blurty ( /~riotbitch ) better than this. Um. Woo. I'm sick now. Again. So I'm home. And I want some apple jacks. Well, I have some on the floor, but I can't reach them and I don't wanna get up.

THEY KICKED JAMIE OFF MAKING THE BAND. I was in love with him. roflmfao. Seriously. DAMN P DIDDY. fuckingb2kmolester

*tries to think of something to say* Um. I love Sum 41. *nods* Especially thier new CD. 'Cause they're cool. And they own you.

dgjak. Pierre from Simple Plan is too damn tall. Am I the only one who notices that? Everytime he's on tv, he has to bend down to talk to whoever's next to him. And everyone in SP has too much damn energy. It makes me dizzy to watch them. Woo. I swear, I'm gonna learn french though.

Ew. I hate the green apple jacks.

Woo. Fifteen days until Christmas. I usually hate Christmas, but I get to open my guitar then, so I'm happy. It's still in its box in my living room. gkjda. That's all I'm getting though. I told everyone to get me something that has to do with Eminem, that I don't already have. And, of course, no one can find anything. Hahaha.

That was my randomness off the day. Go back to your porn now.

I love this songCollapse )
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boyslikeyouareadimeadozen [21 Nov 2002|12:36pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

pierre is my bitch. i'm a dick. i'm addicted to him.

la la. this chick on blind date is bitching out the other guy. fun? yes. she threw her shoe at him too. rawr.

yay. my fourth day staying home from school this week. i'm going back to the doctor today. joy. i'm probably going to school tommorow though. godammit.

"you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath, i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt."

that's the best song. *nods*

QUESTION. if i get my cavities filled, does that mean i can't chew on foil anymore?? i'm addicted to foil. seriously. *shoots myself*

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think we should rob themmm [20 Nov 2002|08:39am]
[ mood | hungry ]

woo. i have found the one good thing about being sick. whenever i am, i wake up every half hour. like..EXACTLY. 12:00, 12:30, 1:00. it's freaky. but it's good. why? 'cuz i woke up at 1:00 exactly last night. so i got to record last call with carson daly. with good charlotte performing. woo hoo! lmfao. i had to watch it on mute tho, since my mom was sleeping. but i'ma watch it again in a minute. CARSON DALY IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. and he says 'right' too much. you know the closed caption things? i was reading it, and every other line was 'Carson>>RIGHT' that's all he fucking says. it's annoying. that's my random vent for the day. but yes. i want to be benji when i grow up. and billy needs ritalin.

ever notice how on TRL, when they would play the GC video, they only say 'benji and joel'? it's like 'here's lifestyles of the rich and famous, by benji and joel'. um. told you, carson must die. rofl i swear, i only watch that show so i can bitch about it later. 'cuz it's so stupid. ew. and there playing simple plan now. fuckers. i need sleep. lack of sleep + tons of medicine = vicki really stupid.

why the hell does conan end at 1:06? not fucking 1:00, not 1:05 at least, but 1:06. that annoys me.

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wee. [19 Nov 2002|02:28pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i feel too sick to write anything. but i'm also too sick to walk over to my bed and go to sleep. lmfao. i went to the dentist today at 9:30. and got home 1:30. fun. right. and i got my braces off. and they fucked up my teeth. and it hurts like shit. and my entire mouth was bleeding when they did the cleaning and shit. i swear, i swallowed more blood than dracula did in his entire life. that was random. annnd.. da da da da.. my teeth are the EXACT SAME WAY they were 3 years ago! go braces! annd, i only have 8 cavaties. lmfao. but, that's cool. 'cuz. i get to go under laughing gas. which is always fun. but yea.

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the news is annoying [18 Nov 2002|09:18pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

so. um. i'm sick. obviously. and i went to the doctor, they were talking about putting me in a hospital. for more tests. not fun. so, of course, i said no. but on the bright side, i got tonnnns of cough medicine. roflmfao. i swear, i'm gonna be a drug addict soon. 'cuz of these damn medicines. there addicting. but one of them leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. and i'm gonna fuckin' throw up soon. like you all needed to hear that.

lemony snicket is the kinkiest name.

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suddenly i'm not crazy [17 Nov 2002|10:42am]
[ mood | sick ]

someone come to ny, and take me to long island on dec. 30th to see simple plan, mmkay? i'll be your sex slave forever.

i'm sick. and i feel like i'm gonna die. i hate being sick godammit.

i got a bunch of posters last night. and i'm annoyed, because once i got home i remembered i have no space on my wall. rofl. smart, huh?

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[13 Nov 2002|03:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

um. i hate writing in this. but i ujournal keeps fucking with me. lmao. i don't like the new tlc cd. some girl bitched me out today cuz i said that, and she's like 'OmG!! left eye is dead!! how can you diss thier CD?!?!?' uh, just 'cuz someone dies, i HAVE to like them? no.

then again, she's also the same girl who was hanging avril lavigne posters in her locker all day. i fell out of my desk laughing at her.

uh. and i know, i bitch about this every day, but is wear, i'm so fucking sick of everyone telling me how hot eminem is. agjdka. and the sad thing is, people see me bitch about this EVERY damn day in my journals, and what's the first thing they do? leave me a comment saying eminem is sexy. or IM saying he is. kadgj. haha. i annoyed my religion teacher today. 'cuz he hates eminem. so of course, i brought in my EW with eminem on the cover, people magazine, rolling stone, ny post.. with articles on him, the US weekly and spin magazine with him on the cover. ha.

roflmao. i swear to fuckin' god, i'm the only person who's never heard of nirvana.

ok. i love b2k. well, i would fuck all of them. with the exception of omarion. 'cuz i don't get the feeling he's into girls. but honestly, who comes out with a song called 'bump bump bump' ...

i look like such a crackhead now. lmfao. i'm in pajama pants, and a wifebeater. that i wrote 'pimp' on. in orange marker. and half of my hair is in braids. and i'm wearing a winter hat. because i'm freezing. yet i won't put on a sweatshirt. i'm bored.

is there anyway to steal a billboard? in the one by my house, they have the thing from fastlane. i would bang both those guys. and then they have a harry potter billboard. shut up. harry potter is my pimp, y0.

aha. i told justin has nothin' on eminem. he's still #1.

that's enough randomness for now. i'm hungry as fuck. i'm too lazy to make some food though.

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once i'm over these tracks, man i'ma never look back [09 Nov 2002|12:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

8 mile was the best movie i've ever seen. and i'm not just saying that because eminem was in it. if he wasn't in it, it would still be the best. everything about the movie was good. and some parts were really hilarious. and the battles kicked ass. i'm going to see it again today. and tommorow. and monday since i have no school. <33.

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once in a lifetime - yo [01 Nov 2002|01:40pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

number of 8 mile trailers i've seen since 8 a.m. this morning: 27.

i am goin to shoot myself by the time it comes out. lmfao. i'm so impatient. and the damn tv likes to tease my playing the trailers again and again. but anyway. i'm tired.


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i'm young & i'm hopeless [28 Oct 2002|08:18pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

ok so i lied about not using this. i can't help it. livejournal is sexy. hmm. i finally got the good charlotte CD today. yep. @@# i LOVE them. esp. joel. krystal is going to a GC concert, and i told her to bang joel and say it's from me. roflmao. and i got the ll cool j cd. i love him too. sexy bitch.

i might be going to TRL on november 8th to stalk eminem since i have no school. fun? YES.

rofl. i'm in teen people. well a letter i sent in about eminem. how awesome is that? very.

i have a bunch of homework to do. my average in global is a 61, so i have to do all these makeup assignments. but i have to watch boston public first. i'm addicted to that show now.

8 MILE -- 11 DAYS

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.. yay. [27 Oct 2002|11:12am]
uh. i'm probably never going to use this. i only got the shit 'cuz lita gave me a code. and she kicks ass. and because i want to read all my friend's livejournals. yep. that's it. good night.
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