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nickel_nine's Journal

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7 November
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uh. *waves* i'm cashdogg's bitch.
106 and park, 50 cent, 8 mile, acoustic songs, acting, alex band, all things rock, anti flag, anti-avril, anti-trl, atmosphere, b2k, balloons, bart simpson, battling, being a poser, benji, bet, billy, bizzy d, bonnie and clyde, books, boston public, cars, cashdogg, christmas movies, commercials, cone, covers, d12, devil's night, diary, disturbing tha peace, dj clue, drums, eminem, emo, emo-ness, emus, end is forever, fastlane, finch, freestyle battles, freestyles, george bush, good charlotte, guitars, hate songs, hating you, hip hop, hoodies, infinite, inside jokes, jackass, jay z, jimmy eat world, jin, joel, johnny knoxville, junk food, kelly osbourne, love songs, ludacris, lunatics, magazines, marshall mathers lp, mcdonalds, minor threat, motercycles, mtv, mtv2, muchmusic, murder inc, my birthday, nas, nelly, new found glory, nfg, obie trice, our lady peace, outkast, paul, paul walker, pee wee herman, pierre, pimping, pop goes punk, pop-punk, posing as a poser, pretending to be emo, pretending to be ghetto, pretending to be punk, proof, puddle of mudd, punk, r&b, racing, rap, rioting, riots, rock city, royce da 5'9", saves the day, seb, sell outs, selling out, sev, shady records, simple plan, slim shady, slim shady ep, slim shady lp, slug, smallville, social distortion, spongebob, staying home sick, sticks and stones, stuff, stupid movies, sugarcult, sum 41, swifty, taking back sunday, the ataris, the bands, the calling, the donnas, the eminem show, the nightmare before christmas, the real world, the simpsons, the strokes, the vines, the wash, the white stripes, toothpaste, tupac, twins, underground rap, unknown bands, vcrs, vin diesel, weird shirts, writing songs, xzibit, your dad