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i'm young & i'm hopeless

ok so i lied about not using this. i can't help it. livejournal is sexy. hmm. i finally got the good charlotte CD today. yep. @@# i LOVE them. esp. joel. krystal is going to a GC concert, and i told her to bang joel and say it's from me. roflmao. and i got the ll cool j cd. i love him too. sexy bitch.

i might be going to TRL on november 8th to stalk eminem since i have no school. fun? YES.

rofl. i'm in teen people. well a letter i sent in about eminem. how awesome is that? very.

i have a bunch of homework to do. my average in global is a 61, so i have to do all these makeup assignments. but i have to watch boston public first. i'm addicted to that show now.

8 MILE -- 11 DAYS
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