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i feel too sick to write anything. but i'm also too sick to walk over to my bed and go to sleep. lmfao. i went to the dentist today at 9:30. and got home 1:30. fun. right. and i got my braces off. and they fucked up my teeth. and it hurts like shit. and my entire mouth was bleeding when they did the cleaning and shit. i swear, i swallowed more blood than dracula did in his entire life. that was random. annnd.. da da da da.. my teeth are the EXACT SAME WAY they were 3 years ago! go braces! annd, i only have 8 cavaties. lmfao. but, that's cool. 'cuz. i get to go under laughing gas. which is always fun. but yea.
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I got my braces off today to.. And I was sick yesterday.. that was random but ya.. why did you nered braces in the first place
braces suck. and being sick sucks. i had like, one little effin gap, and i think that's the only thing the braces did. but my teeth still look crooked as fuck in the front, rofl, 'cuz somehow i managed to chip my tooth on an amusement park ride? don't ask. and i had a biigg overbite. which is still here. 'cuz i never wore the rubber bands that were gonna fix it. and i had a speech problem, and they figured braces would help that, but, of course. they didn't. i wasn't supposed to get my braces off yet tho. the dentist got sick of me and told my mom he was taking them off. roflmao. i have that effect on people.
i would run into a wall if i had to get all that shiot done on my teeth. pain scares me lol
rofl dude, i didn't even have half of yet. now they want to stick some fuckin' needles in my gums. or something. and other shit. but i'm probably not doing it. lmao, i can stand a lot of pain, as long as theres no blood. once i see blood, i start freaking out. so i guess i can never be a vampire. which was one of my life goals.