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um. i hate writing in this. but i ujournal keeps fucking with me. lmao. i don't like the new tlc cd. some girl bitched me out today cuz i said that, and she's like 'OmG!! left eye is dead!! how can you diss thier CD?!?!?' uh, just 'cuz someone dies, i HAVE to like them? no.

then again, she's also the same girl who was hanging avril lavigne posters in her locker all day. i fell out of my desk laughing at her.

uh. and i know, i bitch about this every day, but is wear, i'm so fucking sick of everyone telling me how hot eminem is. agjdka. and the sad thing is, people see me bitch about this EVERY damn day in my journals, and what's the first thing they do? leave me a comment saying eminem is sexy. or IM saying he is. kadgj. haha. i annoyed my religion teacher today. 'cuz he hates eminem. so of course, i brought in my EW with eminem on the cover, people magazine, rolling stone, ny post.. with articles on him, the US weekly and spin magazine with him on the cover. ha.

roflmao. i swear to fuckin' god, i'm the only person who's never heard of nirvana.

ok. i love b2k. well, i would fuck all of them. with the exception of omarion. 'cuz i don't get the feeling he's into girls. but honestly, who comes out with a song called 'bump bump bump' ...

i look like such a crackhead now. lmfao. i'm in pajama pants, and a wifebeater. that i wrote 'pimp' on. in orange marker. and half of my hair is in braids. and i'm wearing a winter hat. because i'm freezing. yet i won't put on a sweatshirt. i'm bored.

is there anyway to steal a billboard? in the one by my house, they have the thing from fastlane. i would bang both those guys. and then they have a harry potter billboard. shut up. harry potter is my pimp, y0.

aha. i told justin has nothin' on eminem. he's still #1.

that's enough randomness for now. i'm hungry as fuck. i'm too lazy to make some food though.
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